Annual picnic highlights social side of PC Bocce

Pat Milich

Of course, there is a healthy competition among the Bocce enthusiasts in PebbleCreek. As each of the fall, winter and spring seasons wind down, there always is much excitement swirling around the winning teams as they vie for the Grand Championships of the Day and Night Leagues.

But just as enjoyable as the thrill of victory is the warm fuzzy feeling associated with the friendships that are formed among the players, as evidenced by the camaraderie on display at the group’s annual picnic in Sunrise Park. As the April edition of the PebbleCreek Post was going to press, members of the Bocce Board of Directors were finalizing plans for the picnic on March 21, at which time teams will gather around tables strategically positioned under shade trees to socialize and enjoy a catered luncheon.

Also, on the horizon is the much anticipated celebration of the Bocce Association’s 20th Anniversary. After a survey indicated there was significant interest among the members to move forward, the Board of Directors has announced that a dinner will be held on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, in the Ballroom of the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse. Bocce Association President Cheryl Kasselmann will share further details about this special evening at future Captains meetings.

Mollie McErlean, Bocce Treasurer and Team Registrar, reports that the 2018 Winter Season ended on Friday, March 16. The Spring Season of competition began Tuesday, March 27 and will end Friday, May 18. There currently are 506 players on 53 teams enjoying the game of Bocce in the Wednesday and Friday Day Leagues and the Tuesday and Thursday Night Leagues. Participation in Bocce continues to grow in the community with 11 new players signed up for the current season of play.