Where Do PC Breast Cancer Pillows Come From?

Cathy Howell and Edna DeFord have the pillows ready to deliver to Judy Ayers, facilitator of the Breast Cancer Group.

Judy Ayers

The PebbleCreek Sewing Club is hugely responsible for the wonderful pillows they make for all the newly diagnosed breast cancer patients here in PebbleCreek who want a pillow! We are so proud that they are made right here in PebbleCreek by such a thoughtful group as the Sewing Club. After the pillow is used to bring comfort while going through treatment, we find almost every breast cancer survivor saves their pillow as a reminder of what they have gone through, a kind of “PebbleCreek Badge of Honor.” What wonderful, caring people we have here in PebbleCreek! The Breast Cancer Discussion group meets the fourth Thursday of most months, and we meet for breakfast in the summer months. Come join us! Please call Janet Moxham, facilitator, at 909-740-9971 for more information.

The PebbleCreek Sewing Club is open to all residents, so join us on Wednesdays in the Diamondback Room of the Creative Arts Center. For more information, contact Donna Aybar at [email protected] or Kathy Brown at [email protected].

The Sewing Club has planned to have a sewing class or a charity workshop on Wednesdays of each month to further the sewing skills of its members, and to just enjoy our time sewing together in our craft room.