Summer Wii Bowling

Summer Wii Bowling is set to return Monday, June 10 and continue on Mondays through the end of August. Registration runs May 20 through June 5 at the Eagle’s Nest Activities Office. Cost is $20, plus $1 each session you attend. Registration includes a “grab and go” sandwich midway through the session.

Not familiar with Wii Bowling? Never Wii’d before? No problem. If you can use your TV remote control, then you can Wii Bowl. The Summer League is the perfect place to test your Wii potential, work on improving your Wii skills, and most important … to socialize with others. Fret not after one night, you’ll be on your way in the world of Wii.

The Summer League will run on Monday afternoons (4:30 to 6 p.m.) in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom. Less formal than the Fall and Winter Leagues, there are no set teams. Rather, each week individuals will randomly be assigned their teammates based on who attends the session. This is ideal as Wii’ers can attend sessions when in town, and enjoy vacation time while away. Scores will be recorded and prizes awarded at the end of the season for high games, and to the individual with the most wins. Questions? Call the Wii Bowling “Commissioner,” Melissa Kallett, at 623-935-6743.