Pet of the Month: Sadie

Jim Ellison

Hi! I’m Sadie. My mom and dad, Sandy and Michael Stephens, got me from Adorable Cocker Rescue. I was six and was given up, along with my brother Jack, because my family couldn’t care for us anymore. I have been with Mom and Dad for over four years, and I’m so happy now since I have them all to myself and don’t have my domineering brother around. Jack came over with Michelle once, and I told him in no uncertain terms he had to leave because I wasn’t sharing my new mom and dad with him.

I am ten now and just diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. I feel better now that Dr. Nancy put me on medication so that I am not voraciously hungry, drinking water, and having to potty so much. I am also glad all those tests are over with, and I am back to being myself. I get organic kibble for breakfast and cooked egg white or sometimes a scrambled egg.

Dad gives me Honest Kitchen turkey for dinner. Mom and Dad have happy hour every afternoon, and I get a carrot and a few crackers. I get a little of what they are eating for lunch and dinner, but not as much as I was because Dr. Nancy said I have to get my cholesterol down, something I thought only humans had to worry about. Good thing I love vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, yams, and especially radishes and carrots. I love to eat, but Dad weighs me so I don’t get fat.

The only thing I like better than food is my morning walk. I never got a walk before I came to PebbleCreek. I am always in a hurry to sniff, so I pull on the leash. I get along with some big dogs and love to run with Klondike, who is a Burmese Mountain Dog, and Radar, who is my size. I just ignored Finnley, Kathleen’s therapy dog, when she kept me at her house. Mom and Dad have had nine cockers before me. They were mostly rescues, like me, that all needed a home.