PebbleCreek Women Make Impact in New Pickleball League

Chris Stelplugh and Ellen Enright

Four teams of PebbleCreek women players have been representing our community and making an impact in the Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL) since early January 2021.

APPL was formed in 2019 to develop and introduce competitive team-based league pickleball to Arizona. Last year, 95 teams consisting of over 1,100 players participated in APPL in two regions (Casa Grande and East Valley). For 2021, the Southern Region (Tucson) and the West Valley Region (Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, etc.) have been added. The West Valley league (WAPPL) plays at the Surprise Community Park, has men’s and women’s divisions, and will offer a mixed doubles division in season 2022.

PebbleCreek has four women’s teams currently participating by skill group in WAPPL. Teams are organized by a captain and can have up to 14 players on the roster. Each week, the captain brings six players to play on three doubles teams. Team standings are determined by points awarded each week for wins (2) or for scoring six or more points in a loss (1).

Below are the PebbleCreek teams and players:

Dinkalicious (3.5)

Team Captain: Ellen Enright

Roster: Ellen Enright, Kathy Hubert-Wyss, Sharon Hadley, Sarah Marsh, Renee Ellison, Reese Hass, Michelle Moskos, Susan Slaughter, Jean O’Reilly, Sue Crawford, Chris Stelplugh, Lynn Manns, Kathleen Heigh

Drop Shot Divas (4.0)

Team Captain: Karyn Barbe

Roster: Karyn Barbe, Maureen Richardson, Robin Weaver, Karen Weldon, Denise Johnson, Nancy Popenhagen, Shari Burns, Lynn Banks, Pam Smith, Tina Marie Foster, Candy Rickard

The Pickledillies (4.0)

Team Captain: Theresa Meyers

Roster: Theresa Meyers, Kathy Brown, Roberta Diles, Ann Elliott, Dawn Hangen, Linda Krueger, Susan Mackey, Joyce Pihl, Renee Salko, Linda van Son, DeEtte Wurm, Wendy Langhals, Barbara Wellington, plus one non-resident

Victorious Secret (4.5/5.0)

Team Captain: Jo Comstock

Roster: Jo Comstock, Dalonna Cooper, Renee deLassus, Andrea Dilger, Maureen Dolan, Jill Lewis, Karen Long, Lisa Milbrath, plus five non-residents

In addition, the following women are members of WAAPL teams outside of PebbleCreek: Traci Buckingham, Sonja Drinkwalter, Becky Cox, Kim Ebert, Susann Johnson, and Ellie Love.

For more information about WAPPL and PebbleCreek’s team standings in the league, go to