Patrol Report

Patrol Dispatched

Alarms All Other        1

Animal Rules Leash        0

Animals Lost and Found        2

Animals Misc.        2

Auto Accidents        1

Barking Dog        2

Bee Complaints        0

Cones Placed        2

Damage to Property        3

Dead Animal Pickup        8

Debris on Road        9

Disabled Vehicle        1

Disturbance        1

Dust Dirt Complaint        0

Escort Guest/Homeowner        3

Flag and Sign Violations        7

Flat Tire Assistance        2

Gate Malfunctions        23

Golf Cart Tow        18

Golf Course Rules        2

Holiday or Sign Violations        3

Home Owner/Guest Assistance        5

Jump Start        31

Lighting Rules        0

Lost and Found        3

Miscellaneous        28

Pool Rules        0

RFID’s Installed        210

Soliciting        0

Speeding Complaint by H/O        1

Suspicious Act/Person        9

Theft        0

Vacation Watch        221

Water Leak        10

Weeds        0

Welfare Check        5

Total Dispatches for Month        613

Violation/Courtesy Notices/Warnings

Driveway Parking        36

Disabled Parking Violations        2

Expired Passes        21

Fire Lane Parking        1

Garage Door        96

Illegal Gate Entry        8

Parking on Unpaved Surface        2

RV Violations        4

Speeding Tickets/Warnings Issued        8

Stop Sign Courtesy/Tickets Issued        15

Street Parking        23

Trash Rules        27

Total        243

Gate #8 Construction Gate        605

Main HO Gates Count        93,698

Spring Break Time

It’s that time of the year again when some of our grandchildren come and visit. Remember, do not let anyone without a valid driver’s license drive your golf cart. You are liable for any accident that happens. Plus, living with the guilt of causing injury or even a fatality would be terrible to live with.

Swimming Pools

Be aware of the pool hours and rules for visitors. Pool hours can change during spring break, so watch the pool hours that are posted or on the PebbleCreek website.

Face Masks

Follow the HOA policies on face masks in all of our facilities and common areas.