PebbleCreekers Successfully Complete the 62-Mile Metric Century Bicycle Ride!

20 participants


Nancy McDonald and Marybeth Kahn

Nancy McDonald

It was a beautiful sunny but windy day at 7:30 a.m. on March 18, when the group of 18 Arizona Flats started their 62-mile Metric Century bicycle ride. They were joined by two riders, Jack Coate and Gilda Poitras, on their quest to complete a half Metric Century ride (31 miles), and they got it done!

After months of planning and training the group was eager to get started. The photographer, Phil Carlson, was kind to show up early to capture this momentous event! Not bad for a group of 55+ folks!

We rode north on Sarival winding our way to Festival, back south to Verrado, and home to PebbleCreek.

We had a fast A group of six riders (pacing 15+ miles/hour): Jim DeSena, Peter Diliberti, Jerry DiLeonardo, Laura Leno, Jim Morris, and Bill Simmons.

This was followed by 12 riders in the B group: Arlene Bruce, Deb Campbell, Fred Carlson, Ernie Coudert, Ken Goos, Bill Halte, Marybeth Kahn, Brian King, Mary Lacy, Nancy McDonald, Bill Walker, and Reg Westgarth.

The ride was followed by a potluck party at the Oasis Pool, which included great food and many laughs, with some gag gifts thrown in for fun! Thanks to all who helped organize and support this successful and fun event! Until next year.