PCSSA Loses One of Its Finest

Dave and his wife circa 2011.

Dave and his wife circa 2011.

Dave in his pitching outfit.

Dave in his pitching outfit.

Fred Dresser

The PebbleCreek Senior Softball Association (PCSSA) lost one of their finest in November.

Dave Gasch was one of those individuals who played the game of softball like he lived his life. Dave loved the game and always appreciated the other players in the league. You would never hear an unkind word from him, truly a first-class gentleman. Here’s a quick look back at Dave’s life.

He was born in Rockford, Ill. in 1943, and he lived in Indiana until his move to PebbleCreek. While in Indiana, Dave was a state champion in archery.

Dave joined the PCSSA in 2005 and received his fifteen-year jacket shortly before his passing. On Nov. 14, Dave was on the bench keeping score for his Woodbury team.

Dave was a diehard Packer fan, and on Sunday, Nov. 15, he saw his beloved Packers beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Shortly after the game, he moved on to the Ball Diamond in the sky.

Dave was a quiet man and didn’t say much. A Navy veteran, he was interested in many other activities outside of softball. Here’s a few of his other interests: golf, pickleball, astronomy, card playing, World War II history, geocaching, and coin collecting.

One of Dave’s closest friends was Craig Hauger, who visited Dave frequently during his battle with cancer. There were many Sundays over the past fourteen years that Dave and Craig watched football games together. Dave being a Packer fan and Craig being a Vikings fan made for some colorful conversations.

Dave played on several championship teams with PCSSA. He loved pitching!

Dave’s wife Jane was always at the field watching her husband play. Dave and Jane were married for 26 years.

“For when the Great Scorekeeper comes to write about your name.

He writes not that you won or lost.

But how you played the game.”

-author unknown

Dave, you will be missed by all of us.