How Are You Aging?

Aneil Koerper

Did you know that the way we age is 70 percent lifestyle choices and 30 percent genes? Here at Robson Reserve, we have a thriving Life Enrichment Program. This program provides an active aging adventure through a variety of experiences, which embrace the active aging philosophy from the International Council on Active Aging. The goal is to have our residents continue to engage fully in life with meaning and purpose through the seven wellness dimensions of whole-person wellbeing: social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational, and environmental. Research shows that if a person is well rounded in the seven wellness dimensions, then they are continuing to live their life with meaning and purpose, regardless of age.

With that being said, at Robson Reserve, we have roughly 56 percent of our population engaged in our Life Enrichment Program at least once a week, and roughly 79 percent of our population is engaged at least one time a month with our robust monthly schedule of events and classes. How do we know these statistics you may ask? We incorporate an innovative software system called Touchtown, which not only allows the Life Enrichment team to be able to advertise the events and classes on the community TVs, but also on the TVs in the apartments and through an app. Residents can register for classes and events as well. Registering allows us to be able to run fancy reports on our overall community participation and individual participation if need be. This feature also gives loved ones peace of mind, knowing that their family member is participating, staying active, and enjoying life. These participation reports really demonstrate that the residents at Robson Reserve are continuing to live their best life with meaning and purpose.

It’s not too late to make healthy, active aging lifestyle choices. Even though the aging process starts at age 30, this doesn’t mean we cannot counter what the aging process has eliminated (unless it’s a medical alignment). If it’s just the normal wear and tear of aging, we can counter this by cognitively engaging our minds, working out for functionality, and preventing trips and falls. Even finding new friends, learning new things like Spanish, or trying new techniques to gardening like hydroponics and aquaponics engages our mind. All these great adventures are right here at Robson Reserve. Come, take a look!