Card Scores


Euchre is played every Thursday evening in the Palm Room at the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. We begin play at 7 p.m. but ask that you arrive early enough to pay $1 toward prize money and to sign in and find a seat. You must have been fully vaccinated to join in the play. If you have a nametag, please wear it.

The Euchre Club welcomed two new players on Aug. 18. Kim and Skip Holmes joined the group. We are happy to have them with us!

July 12

1st: Barb Clark, 62

2nd: JayHayden, 61

3rd: Janette Ratliff, 54

Loners: Shirley La Flamme, 4

Low: Rob Ratliff, 37

Aug. 18

1st: Janette Ratliff, 64

2nd: Alex Potapoff, 60

3rd: Shirley La Flamme and Jerry Fox, 57

Loners: Lenny Liebowitz, 3

Low: Laura Szakas, 33

Aug. 26

1st: Bob Ferro, 61

2nd: Bill Todd and Barb Clark, 54

3rd: Stan Zduncyk, 51

Loners: Skip Holmes and Steve Schwartz, 3

Low: Muriel Milewski, 33

Sept. 9

1st: Rob Ratliff, 61

2nd: Mary Ann O’Brien, 59

3rd: Jerry Fox, 56

Loners: Shirley La Flamme and JoAnn Lolesar, 3

Low: Nancy Felstein