Darren Julian to Discuss ‘Living with Wildlife’

James Ellison, President

Because of the importance of our PebbleCreek residents coexisting successfully with coyotes and other wildlife in our community, The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek has asked Darren Julian, an urban wildlife specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, to be the guest speaker at our monthly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 3 p.m.

Darren will discuss living with wildlife, with an emphasis on coexisting with coyotes. Among the many questions and concerns expressed by homeowners over the years, one of the most consistent is that about coyotes and other wildlife that are present right here in our PebbleCreek community. This meeting is intended to inform you how to protect yourself and your pets, as well as what you can do to ensure that our actions are not harming wildlife.

All PebbleCreek residents, whether club members or not, are invited to attend this very important informational presentation to learn urban wildlife behavior, biology, ecological importance, how and when to haze coyotes, and, most importantly, how to avoid conflicts. New residents are especially encouraged to attend.

Please note, this month only, in anticipation of higher than normal attendance, this presentation will be held in the Eagle’s Nest Ballroom.

Address any questions to Jim or Marge Ellison at 623-935-6651.