PCMGA Conducts Two-Man Scramble/AGA Team Qualifier

2021 PCMGA 2-Man Scramble Arizona Golf Association Qualifiers (left to right): Dave Green, Reuben Rivera, John McCrickard, Steve Annable, Bob Burghdorf, Bill Volm, Bob Millikan, and Jerry Treece

Howie Tiger

The PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association (PCMGA) annually conducts a two-man scramble event, which serves a dual purpose. It is a regular men’s day tourney, but four teams also qualify to enter the Arizona Golf Association’s Club Team Championship. The tourney was played on Sept. 2 at the Eagle’s Nest Golf Course.

In this event, the Gross/Net flight played from the blue tees and the Super Senior flight played from the white tees. This was a form-your-own team event. A total of 45 teams participated.

The teams that qualified to move on to the Arizona Golf Association’s Club Team Championship Regionals were offered a choice of where to play: Dove Mountain (Nov. 3), Wigwam (Nov. 16–gross/net only), Aguila (Nov. 17) or Longbow (Nov. 30–gross/net only). The finals will be played at Seville Golf and Country Club on Dec. 6.

Gross Winners:

Gross/Net Flight: 1st place Dave Green and Reuben Rivera, 2nd place Wade Biddix and Sherman Leach, and 3rd place Rick Kesig and Harry Cushing

Super Senior Flight: 1st place Bill Volm and Bob Burghdorf, 2nd place Bill McKinney and Ron Shrum, and 3rd place Art Krudener and Jim Wolff

Net Winners:

Gross/Net Flight: 1st place Steve Annable and John McCrickard*, 2nd place Wayne Gearig and Brian Maine, and 3rd place Fred Kowalczyk and Doyle Brown

Super Senior Flight: 1st place Bob Millikan and Jerry Treece*, 2nd place Steve Straley and Rich Jesko, and 3rd place Charlie Kice and Chuck Gustafson

*won scorecard playoff

Qualified to advance to the Arizona Golf Association’s Club Team Championship Regionals:

One gross winner and one net winner advanced from each of the two flights. The team’s choice of where to play the regionals is in parentheses.

Gross/Net Flight Gross Winner: Dave Green and Reuben Rivera (Dove Mountain)

Super Senior Flight Gross Winner: Bill Volm and Bob Burghdorf (Dove Mountain)

Gross/Net Flight Net Winner: Steve Annable and John McCrickard (Wigwam)

Super Senior Flight Net Winner: Bob Millikan and Jerry Treece (Aguila)

Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck to our qualifying teams in the next round!