“B” Hikers Enjoy Lunch in Estrella Foothills

Seated, left to right: Lynn Warren (photographer), Neal Wring, Kris Raczkiewicz, Eileen Lords-Mosse, and Steve McElroy; Standing, left to right: Clare Bangs, Stacey Miller, and Mike Tansey, pausing for a photo on top of Blackjack in Estrella Foothills with plumes from Palo Verde Generating Plant visible in the background.

Lynn Warren

Estrella Foothills is a close-in area south of PebbleCreek on Estrella Parkway, just east of the Estrella Foothills Community Park, which offers an abundance of trails that can be combined to provide hikes of different lengths and levels of difficulty. On March 16, eight “B” hikers completed a 7-mile, 1100-foot, figure 8 meander through the park and enjoyed a relaxing lunch on the summit of Blackjack, which provided impressive views all around (talk about a table with a view). The hiking club offers hikes appropriate for most levels of fitness; join the club and enjoy the Arizona outdoors with a great group of people. Visit the club website at pchikers.org for more information and photos.