Wine Club News

Debbie George

The December Gala and fundraiser for Kare Bears was a huge success thanks to our generous club members and donations that we received for the silent auction and raffle. The club contributed $8,000 to Kare Bears in January.

If you enjoy wine and are new to the community or are not a member of the wine club, you can attend most of the events by registering as a guest, space allowed, and paying an additional $10 fee for your meal. However, the club membership is only $25 per person, and dues run from May through April 30. A benefit of being a wine club member is that you may purchase the wines featured at most of the monthly events and the price is typically less than what you would pay at retail locations. The schedule for the next two events is as follows:

* Feb. 20

* March 19

Please check out the website at for more information. Reservations for each event close about two and a half weeks prior to the actual event date.