Stingers Tennis Team Celebration

PC Stingers Debbie O’Grady, Virgene Dorman, Sally Ward, Gretchen Martin, and Norma Whitley, celebrated with Jenny Rosenblad.

Norma Whitley

It was another beautiful day for a tennis match at PebbleCreek (PC). Being able to play tennis outdoors in January is a blessing and a pleasure. We are so fortunate to live in PebbleCreek.

Two new players to the 3.5 PC Stingers team, Jenny Rosenblad and Becky Marrer, brought home a win for the team. Both players are motivated, athletic, and have a positive attitude. They stayed strong and focused throughout the match.

Following the match, PC Stingers had lunch at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant to celebrate with Jenny Rosenblad. Congratulations to Jenny and Becky!