Who Was That Masked Man?

Thula Edwards sewing face masks

Thula Edwards sewing face masks

Charlene Romanos

Very often, unfortunate circumstances provide an opportunity for those who care about their fellow human beings to do something special to help them get through difficult times. We are seeing many people in our community stepping up to the plate and coming forward to help in any way they can.

In the beginning of this virus epidemic it was reported that there was an immediate need for face masks for the medical staff in clinics and hospitals.

Members of the Art Club heeded the call and joined the Quilters and Sewing clubs, who were already getting their plans together, and began making face masks. Between all the clubs involved, they were able to distribute hundreds of medical type masks to local hospitals.

The Art Club members who participated in the cutting, sewing, and distribution of the masks were Judy Frendle, Penny Cooper, Karla Heinz, Sandy Kautz, Judy Maloney, Judy Bihari, Carol Jones, June Proznik, Susan Hill, Pat Stamper, Kathy Craig, Mel Janus, Carol Hiram, Vickie Sandburg (Glass Club), Regina Bacon, Anita Marzoratti, Terry Gillespie, Mary Monet, Sylvia Armstrong, Thula Edwards, Laurie Hartsook, Nancy Hoth, Meg Chrisman, Charlene Romanos, Arielle Roberts, Ann Laychak, Loretta Pruett, Connie Nicholson, Arlene Banfield, Connie Belinda, and Karen LaFever.