Unit Happenings

Unit 34: Back to Normal

Bob Young

Unit 34 is back to normal. Every year in November, for the past 10 years, the Young’s have hosted a welcome back party on their patio. They provide the setup and patio, and everyone brings an appetizer to share and their own beverage. This year, due to COVID-19, things were different. In November, we had to cancel the party, but now that COVID-19 guidelines have softened, it was decided to have a welcome back party in April. Many of the neighbors have already returned to their summer homes, but 21 of the 56 homes in our unit were represented. A great time was had by all.

Unit 44’s Very First Men’s Breakfast

Michael Razem

Normalcy is slowly returning to PebbleCreek. People are beginning to gather again, and Unit 44 is ready to start some new activities.

We are a brand new unit (located near the model village) with lots of new neighbors who want to know each other better.

On April 7, eight of the unit’s men, seated at two tables, enjoyed the very first monthly men’s breakfast together at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant.

The guys shared some good conversation and dined on some excellent food. A big thanks goes out to Mike Stepien for organizing this fun and successful event.

The future is bright in Unit 44!

Mystery Castle

Mystery Castle

The ladies’ lunch in March

The ladies’ lunch in March

Movie night out

Movie night out

Unit 62A

Toni Erickson

Unit 62A resumed several activities for the month of March, following a long siesta due to COVID restrictions. Our regular monthly activities include Hand, Knee, and Foot, played every Monday; men’s breakfast; ladies’ golf; men’s golf; Mahjongg; and ladies’ lunch, to name a few. In addition to these fun times, March included a tour of the Mystery Castle, followed by lunch at Los Dos Molinos and a movie night out.

On March 18, 18 people toured Mystery Castle located in the foothills of South Mountain Park in Phoenix. The story and history of this castle is an intriguing one. Boyce Gully built this castle over a period of many years for his daughter, who wanted to build a “big and strong castle” that wouldn’t be washed away with the tide. He, indeed, did just this, unbeknownst to his wife and daughter. This is a must see in the Valley, however, it includes several steps and is not wheelchair accessible.

We enjoyed a late afternoon matinee at Harkins Theatre on March 23, titled The Courier. We rented out the theatre, and it was limited to 20 people. The Courier is based on the true story of a British businessman, who was unwittingly recruited into one of the greatest international conflicts in history. We highly recommend seeing this history-based movie!

The monthly ladies’ lunch was enjoyed at the Verrado Grill on March 25. The two-hour lunch gave the ladies time to reconnect, welcome a new retiree, and say goodbye to a snowbird.