Tuscany Falls Cholla Team Kicks Off 2021-22 Season

Tuscany Falls Cholla Team, left to right, Claudia Tiger, Karen Henderson, Gail Sarro, Sarah Marsh, Anne Gaus, Kittie Day, Teresa Christianson, Kathi Curtis, Carolyn Suttles, Renee DeLassus, Jackie Christianson, Kathy Enegren, Nicola Witty, Cathy Weaver, and Michelle Cattin. Not pictured: Carolyn Apodaca, Jeraldine Rettman, Joanne Pollack, and Nancy Facklemann.

Carole Schumacher

The Tuscany Falls Cholla Team for 2021/2022 is in first place, net and gross, after the season’s first match. The season for this 18-hole ladies competitive play runs from Nov. 17, 2021 to April 6, 2022 and consists of nine matches played against other golf clubs in the West Valley.

The team consists of Cathy Weaver as captain, Claudia Tiger as co-captain, Sarah Marsh, Anne Gaus, Renee DeLassus, Kittie Day, Teresa Christianson, Nicola Witty, Gail Sarro, Kathy Enegren, Carolyn Apodaca, Jeraldine Rettman, Carolyn Suttles, Kathi Curtis, Michelle Cattin, Jackie Christianson, Joanne Pollack, Nancy Facklemann, and Karen Henderson.