The Hot Shots Sizzle in the West Valley

Back row: Richard Margison, Martin Farrell, Dave Kersey, Dave Bee, Randy Planck; Front row: Peter Estelle, Dave Henry, Dan Schimmelpfennig

Donna Gillen

This year, PebbleCreek residents can relish in knowing that our men’s tennis teams dominated the West Valley with championship playing. The Hot Shots crushed their competition throughout the season.

As the team captain, Randy Planck reflected, “This team won the league championship in compelling fashion; first defeating the Westbrook team 7-2 in the semi-final match, and closing with a victory over the Festival team 6-3 in the final.” There are four teams in the league: Sun City Festival, Trilogy, Westbrook, and our Hot Shots. The communities are all 55+. This season, each team met three times for competitive play.

Team members include: Dave Bee, Peter Estelle, Dave Henry, Dave Kersey, Richard Margison, Randy Planck, Terry Rigo, and Dan Schimmelpfennig.

The team is very close both on and off the courts. Such a friendship has its benefits on the court, through an almost intuitive mastery of the game. This year, it won them the championship!