The Future of the Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek

Jim Ellison

The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek will hold its first regular meeting of the fall on Wednesday, Nov. 2. We will meet at 3 p.m. in Room 100 of the Eagle’s Nest Activities Center. All PebbleCreek residents, whether club members or not, are invited to attend.

Jim Ellison, president of the Pet Companions Club, will be discussing what the club does, the club’s future direction, and what support the Pet Companions Club needs from residents to remain viable as a club and a nonprofit organization. The biggest needs are for board member candidates and for residents to train as rescue volunteers. Our most immediate requirement is for someone to take over the duties of bird rescue.

The Pet Companions Club was founded in 1997 by Jackie Beaulieu as a club for PebbleCreek pet owners and transitioned into an IRS approved Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue Organization with an effective date of July 9, 2004. The Pet Companions Board of Directors has experienced frequent turnover over the years. Jim and Marge Ellison are now the longest serving members. Jim and Marge have been doing animal rescue for 40 years with 25 of those years as PebbleCreek residents.

In order to ensure the future survival of any organization, there must be an orderly succession of officers and directors. That is especially true for the Pet Companions Club because of the limited pool of candidates. Marge is serving her final term as vice president, which will end in January 2024. Jim is running for his final term, which will end in January 2025. Interested residents need to make themselves known so we can start preparations and training for a successful and viable board transition for our club. The future of the Pet Companions Club depends on you stepping up and volunteering.

We will have a box available for donations of such pet related items as: pet beds, pet toys, cages, crates, leashes, pet food (check expiration date), pet collars, towels, pet medications (check expiration date), etc. Those donations not used for our PebbleCreek rescues will be donated to other local animal rescues.

Please address any questions to Jim or Marge Ellison at 623-935-6651.