Tennis Club News: Safety Update

Dennis Whitley, PC Tennis Club president

Dennis Whitley, PC Tennis Club president

Norma Whitley

With hopes of a cure or solution to COVID-19, the PebbleCreek Tennis Club members and community carry on their lives adapting to changes. Finding ways to stay in touch and communicate with family and friends has been a challenge; however, it has brought out a need for all of us to test new waters and try new technologies.

Community members, clubs, organizations, and the PCHOA are utilizing technologies such as Zoom, Google Hangout, House Party, and others to communicate information, hold discussions, engage in game night, and more. People are finding the time to read those books that sat on the shelf with the good intentions of getting to them some day. Many have engaged in puzzles, making it difficult to find a source for them. However, community members have been either sharing or exchanging them in a neighborly manner, bringing out the good in all of us.

Spending more time at home has given us the opportunity to sort, clean, and organize our homes. Many community members have utilized the e-group to either offer unwanted items for free, sale, or exchange. As the saying goes—one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Since tennis club members have been keeping with the safety precautions and guidelines set forth by the governor, health experts, and the PCHOA, members have been able to stay fit and enjoy the sport of tennis.

If you are new to the PebbleCreek community or would like further information regarding the PebbleCreek Tennis Club, please contact the club president, Dennis Whitley, at [email protected]