Spotlight On Advertiser: One in Four Drivers on the Roads Shouldn’t Be Driving.

Randy J. Hurwitz

For most of my professional life as a personal injury attorney, I’ve heard attorney jokes and been teased by friends and family by being called an ambulance chaser. Chase them? I couldn’t possibly catch them! (As you would quickly see if you saw my struggles to move on the pickleball court!) Attorneys, like police officers, as the saying goes, “You don’t want them around until you need them.”

Hopefully, you’ll never need the services of an injury attorney. If you’ve ever been in a vehicle collision, you know it isn’t real fun. Police, first responders, ambulance rides, hospitals, doctors, surgeries, medical bills, lost income, property damage, or even worse. The list can be endless. Weeks, maybe months, of medical care, specialists, appointments, vehicle repairs, dealing with insurance companies, etc. What a hassle!

The fact that there aren’t more collisions and injuries on the roads is the real wonder. Did you know that, at any given time, over 25% of the drivers on the road should not be driving? Many are overtired or impaired by alcohol or drugs, both illegal and prescription. However, the number one cause of vehicle accidents is distracted drivers. Teens talking to friends in the backseat while driving, parents dealing with rowdy kids, and, of course, cell phones—talking or texting while driving. Eighteen-wheelers are frequently involved in accidents for a variety of reasons, ranging from poor equipment and maintenance to over-worked or under trained drivers. Don’t get me started on the coming “driverless” technologies!

Helping victims and families get through all this when there is an accident with injury is what we strive to do. Stress from an accident injury can be extreme. We help be the voice against big and powerful insurance companies, so regular folks won’t get ignored, mistreated, or taken advantage of. Our satisfaction comes from achieving fair outcomes for victims and their families for their claims.

I will never forget the words of my client, early in my career; he was a father who lost his son in a tragic freeway accident. After a multi-week trial, when a reporter stuck a microphone in his face and asked how he felt having received the largest jury award ever in that county, he replied, “I’d rather have my son back.” Nothing more needs to be said.

Money does not bring back a loved one, heal scars (physical or emotional), or reverse a disability. It will not return a victim to where they were before. Sadly, it’s one of the few remedies available when one person harms another. When catastrophic injury occurs due to negligence, most people find it best to be represented by an attorney. That is where we come in. That’s what we do.

In some cases, unfortunately, we are unable to recover compensation due to lack of adequate insurance coverage or assets to seize. However, in many cases, we successfully recover substantial monies for the victims. We have handled collision cases resulting in over two-million dollar compensation. We have medical malpractice and product liability cases that yielded recoveries in the millions of dollars.

Not everyone involved in a fender bender or who slips and falls in a grocery store will become a millionaire. Those legitimately injured due to negligence on someone else’s part will be strongly represented by us.

Myself and my partner, Ray Arenofsky, have over 50 years of combined personal injury experience and are on your side. We will fight for you. Call Randy at 480-656-7832 or Ray at 480-277-1481.