Republican Club Welcomes Author Loren Spivack

Loren Spivack

Loren Spivack

Sue Harrison

On Jan. 9, the PebbleCreek Republican Club held its monthly meeting at the outdoor Bullard Wash Amphitheater. It was a perfect sunny afternoon for the event. President Doug Krause welcomed our members and thanked Steve Jensen for setting up the sound system and the volunteers who helped with logistics.

After a prayer for our country, Doug introduced Vice President Sue Harrison who read the names of the members who passed in 2020; she asked for a moment of silence for them. Doug then introduced Loren Spivack, who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Known as “The Free Market Warrior,” Spivack was born and raised in Massachusetts and lived in New York City for most of his adult life. Loren Spivack worked for several non-profits and as a management consultant for both profit and non-profit companies before becoming involved in politics. Spivack founded Free Market Warrior in 2009 in an effort to make a positive difference in American politics and economics. Loren teaches conservative groups about free market economics. He conducts economic literacy seminars across the United States. To date, Spivack has delivered his famous seminar on economic literacy to over 200 groups in 20 states. Loren Spivack is also a notable and interesting author who uses the pen name Dr. Truth. His books are parodies based on famous children’s books. He uses rhyme and clever illustrations that are related to the economy in the United States.

During his presentation at PebbleCreek, his approach was a combination of education and information on “Why We Fight.” Relying on his wit and keen sense of humor, he engaged with club members and guests and held a lively Q&A session. After his presentation, he stayed for a book signing.

The PebbleCreek Republican Club provides an environment for Republican fellowship and discussion, and serves as an educational forum for Republican ideas and principles. Due to gathering restrictions in PebbleCreek’s facilities, monthly meetings that are usually held in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom are being held outdoors at the Bullard Wash Amphitheater. If you are interested in joining the club, contact Linda Kesselman, membership chair, at [email protected] You can also visit for information about the club.