Quilters Learn to Sew Drunkard’s Path Quilt Blocks

Cynthia Schwartz

Karen Bogadi, a member of the PebbleCreek Quilters Club, recently taught a class on how to sew the popular Drunkard’s Path quilt block. A Drunkard’s Path block is created by sewing a quarter circle in a square. Four of these squares are sewn together to create a circle in a larger square block.

The Drunkard’s Path quilt block has an interesting history. The pattern dates back to ancient Egyptian times and was discovered on Roman artifacts. It’s been known as Solomon’s Puzzle, Oregon Trail, and Rocky Road to Kansas. It has been said that the Drunkard’s Path was a symbol of the Women’s Temperance Movement in the early 1900s and possibly linked to the Underground Railroad during the late 1700s and the years up to the Civil War.

The Drunkard’s Path Quilt Block class is one of the numerous classes offered by the PebbleCreek Quilters Club.