Professor Schweikart Brings History Alive!

Author Larry Schweikart signing books for members

Camille Grabb

Author/Historian Larry Schweikart takes Robert Frost’s poetry to heart! He certainly often chose the “Road Less Traveled.”

As an Arizona native (Mesa) and feeling restless after college (Bachelor of Arts in political science), he hit the road touring as a drummer in several ‘60s and ‘70s rock bands! Eventually, after wearing out many sets of ear plugs, he left the rock ‘n’ roll highways in his rear-view mirror returning to college (M.A. and Ph.D. in history).

His next road trip was across the country beyond his Arizona roots to the University of Dayton as a history professor for 20 years. Dubbed, “America’s History Teacher,” in addition to teaching, he authored 25-plus books (several New York Times No. 1 Bestsellers) including A Patriot’s History (in its 35th printing) … maybe it was used in your high school?

Retirement brought Prof. Larry back to Arizona, where he doesn’t stroll down the life-of-leisure road as he continues his historical writing, hosts his online website “wild world of history,” and keeps up-to-date posting on his multiple social media platforms. He also generously speaks with welcoming groups such as the PebbleCreek Republican Club (PCRC) at their picnic on April 7. This was a chance for him to introduce and autograph his latest literary endeavor Dragonslayers … Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp.

On April 5, the Club’s Prayer Group met to pray for our country, our leaders, and current challenging world issues.

On April 6, a new Focus Group on voter ID, voter registration, voter integrity, and related legislation gathered for the first time. Guest speakers Steven Raymond of the Arizona Victory Field Office and Arizona State Director for the NRC Christopher Escobedo led the discussion for 50-plus attendees.

On April 12, the Men’s Breakfast Club met and on April 13 the PCRC Women’s Luncheon was held. Both gather in the Eagle’s Nest Alcove. Join us sometime on the second Tuesday or second Wednesday of the month for lively discussions and a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

Also on April 12, 55 club members and guests boarded a bus to the Arizona State Capitol. They observed a legislative session from the upper gallery, toured the Capitol and surrounding monuments, and enjoyed box lunches together.

The 5-week Lecture Series titled “To Victory: The Election of 2022” with Professor Nick Damask began on April 20 and continues through May 18.

On April 23, a Bonus Meeting was held with a Speakers’ Panel of LD29 Candidates for Senate: Ryan Eldridge, Joanne Osborne, and Janae Shamp, and LD29 Candidates for House: Steve Montenegro, Hop Nguyen, Austin Smith, and Trey Terry.

The Book Club met on April 25 to discuss The Dying Citizen by Victor Davis Hanson.

For more information about this very active PebbleCreek club (voted the Best Republican Club in Arizona), scroll through our website,