Pickleball December Classic Tournament Medal Winners

Pam Lichtenberger (volunteer), Wade Johnson (tournament director), and Pam Cagle (volunteer).

Pam Lichtenberger (volunteer), Wade Johnson (tournament director), and Pam Cagle (volunteer).

Cynthia Schwartz

The PebbleCreek Pickleball Club (PCPB) hosted the first December Classic Pickleball Tournament. Wade Johnson, tournament director, commented, “The event was a huge success. There were 140 two-person teams competing in women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles matches. The competition for gold, silver, and bronze medals was organized by skill levels represented by color-coded divisions.

“Thank you to Nancy Popenhagen, Melodie Boyer, Paula Handrup, Pete Ishi, Mark Clark, Bill Plesha, Sonja Drinkwalter, Bruce Drinkwalter, Sandy Crabtree, Mike Crabtree, Linda Krueger, Bill Lichtenberger, Pam Lichtenberger, Don Paxton, Dick Burns, Bob Chester, Mike Schwartz, Tom Skinner, Gary Halperin, Pam Cagle, Jennifer Tamparo, Carla Woodward, Felecia Justice, Roberta Diles, Denise Johnson, Mark Baltes, Tony Van Son, Shirley Seymour, Rebecca Rodes, Jill Lewis, Becky Cox, Sharon Hadley, and many others who stepped in to make the tournament a fun time for our club members.”

Women’s Doubles

Yellow Division

Gold: Lori Poppe and Kathy Smith

Silver: Patti Holden and Lori McLlinton

Bronze: Bette Jo Brumback and Terri Lovell

Blue Division

Gold: Renee Ellison and Reese Haas

Silver: Lezlee Leonardi and Chris Stelplugh

Bronze: Jennifer Armstrong and Carrie McDonald

Green Division

Gold: Sue Crawford and Jan Raugust

Silver: Ellen Enright and Karen Kattar

Bronze: Jane Wood and Linda van Son

White Division

Gold: Karyn Davies and Tamara Ramsey

Silver: Shari Burns and Debra Zink

Bronze: Renee Salko and Pam Smith

Red Division

Gold: Maggie Charlton and Lisa Milbrath

Silver: Lyla Reibel and Barb Wise

Bronze: Andrea Dilger and Renee DeLassus

Men’s Doubles

Yellow Division

Gold: David Carlson and Russ Lowenstein

Silver: Bill Cagle and Randy Morrow

Bronze: Terry Franchimone and Russ Villeneuve

Blue Division

Gold: Rich Holden and Mark Hohnbaum

Silver: Mark Handzel and James Jimenez

Bronze: Jim Audetat and Rick Heigh

Red Division

Gold: Dennis Poppe and Marty Aalto

Silver: Larry Lovell and Joe Sagorski

Bronze: Roger Rosenbush and Larry Stanek

White Division

Gold: Howard Locker and Dan Spampinato

Silver: Larry Eckels and John Donovan

Bronze: Bart Alford and Walt Heitz

Green Division

Gold: Rod Elliott and Greg Wellington

Silver: Steve Cain and Bob Chester

Bronze: Rex Hottell and Neal Wurm

Purple Division

Gold: Jim Barbe and Terry Long

Silver: Steven Schaefer and Steve Manns

Bronze: Scott Johnson and Alex Potapoff

Mixed Doubles

Orange Division

Gold: Joanne Biddix and Wade Biddix

Silver: Madonna Dyson and Russ Dyson

Bronze: Libbie McClaflin and Brian McClaflin

Pink Division

Gold: Patti Holden and Rich Holden

Silver: Jennifer Armstrong and Bill Foster

Bronze: Bette Jo Brumbach and John Brumbach

Green Division

Gold: Chris Stelplugh and Bart Cook

Silver: Laura Leno and Will Walker

Bronze: Jean O’Reilly and Ron Demshar

White Division

Gold: Kathleen Heigh and Rick Heigh

Silver: Ann Elliott and Rick Langhals

Bronze: Renee Ellison and Joe Sagorski

Red Division

Gold: Lynn Banks and Mark Baltes

Silver: Theresa Meyers and Howard Locker

Bronze: Ann Fish and Jerry Davis

Blue Division

Gold: Jane Wood and Bill Wood

Silver: Pam Smith and Ron McGarrie

Bronze: Karen Weldon and Bob Weldon

Yellow Division

Gold: Lisa Milbrath and Jim Barbe

Silver: Heidi Farrell and Alex Potapoff

Bronze: Karen Long and Terry Long

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