Pet of the Month

Jack Be

Jack Be

Pet of the Month: Jack Be

Jack Urban

Jack Be was certified a therapy dog by the group Love on a Leash in 2016. He is a Shiba Inu that my family adopted back in 2015 after my father’s Shiba Inu passed away. My sister found him in Tucson as an owner surrender. When we began looking for a replacement Shiba Inu for my father, she told me, “We have to get him.” Jack Be is now retired from pet visits as he is 13 years, 9 months old. He loves people and acts very well around other animals. Someone socialized him very well at an early age. He doesn’t have to climb stairs anymore (like in our old home). He loves his new backyard playground and spends just about every waking moment back there when he is not eating or sleeping in my bedroom.



Dewey Loves Life in PebbleCreek

Jim Ellison, President

Hola! I was born in Puerto Penasco, Mexico on Oct. 8, 2017, so I am three years old. My parents just had my DNA done, and I am a Chihuahua/German Shepherd mix. No more jokes about how that happened!

On July 17, I was put in a truck and headed to the USA, bound for the HALO Shelter in Phoenix. Amazingly, on the same day that I arrived at the shelter, my life was changed in the best way possible. I was adopted by Sy Rosenthal and Judy Freidman, my new parents.

My name was immediately changed from my shelter name, Lotus, to my new legal name, Dewey. I was named after John Dewey since my dad went to John Dewey Elementary School in Michigan. I haven’t met any other dogs named Dewey, so I feel very special.

I love my new life in PebbleCreek. I go on two walks a day and go to the dog park to run around with my new friends. I can go to either the small dog park or the large park, so I have lots of dogs to run around with.

At first I was very afraid of car rides and would hide under the seat, but now I can’t wait to go to new places. My favorite is my daily ride to Starbucks where I get my own “Pupachino” (a small cup of whipped cream) which I gobble up on the way home.

Since I am an only dog, I get lots of attention, treats, and toys from my new human friends. I also look forward to my mail once a month addressed to Dewey Rosenthal: A Bark Box full of toys.

The only thing I do that is a little destructive is take shoes out of the closet and carry them around the house. I am pretty strong because my dad’s size 12 tennis shoes are heavy. I love taking out the insoles and chewing them up, and those laces are yummy also.

I am also very smart since I am bilingual, but now English is my primary language. I listen every day for “Dewey, would you like to go for a ride?” and listen with my super-size ears for the jingle of the car keys. Adios, Mexico; hello PebbleCreek!