Pet of the Month: My Name Is Sammy!

Sammy is living the good life with his new cat parents.

I’m an orange tabby cat that you may have seen around the Tuscany side of PebbleCreek, near the houses around gate 8. You and I may even have exchanged pleasantries, as I’m a very friendly young man. Don’t ask me how I ended up in PebbleCreek. Suffice it to say, you have some very enticing young lady cats who patrol around gate 8. I’m sort of the urban cowboy of Tuscany Falls, courting all the ladies. One evening, I decided a particular patio was very inviting. A cat was on the other side of the patio door, and I was checking it out to see if it could be another lady that I could court. I did some caterwauling; that is when I sing my special romantic tune. The next day, the humans came out and sat on the patio, and I introduced myself. They seemed nice, so I hung around, but what happened next was quite upsetting.

You see, these “nice” people were cat lovers who worried about me wandering alone outside. They called the PebbleCreek Pet Companions Club, and this woman shows up with a carrier. It looked pretty interesting, so I stuck my head inside the carrier. She tried to shove me in, but I resisted. I let her pick me up, thinking I was just going to get a sweet hug, but no! The carrier had a top cover that the “nice” people opened up, and next thing I knew, I was loaded in the back of a car.

Long story short, I was checked for a microchip and did not have one. Since I had been spotted wandering for several days, I got labeled as a stray. The Pet Companions Club put me up for the night in a pen in a garage. While the cuisine was excellent (I do love a smorgasbord of dry and canned food), the accommodations left a lot to be desired. I don’t appreciate being confined in a pen, and I let everyone within a three-house radius know of my disapproval.

The next morning, I was off to the vet. Guess what? I was neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any parasites I may have acquired during my romantic encounters. I was also somewhat of an internet celebrity, as I was on the Maricopa County website for lost pets. Since no one claimed me, I then made my debut on Adopt-a-Pet.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. I got adopted! I am now living the good life with my cat parents and am now a military brat since my dad is stationed at Luke Air Force Base. I love being an indoor cat. I chirp at the birds from my window perch, have all the most wonderful toys, and my food bowl is bottomless. I keep my mom company, and we have long talks as we cuddle on the couch. So, thanks so much to the PebbleCreekers who cared enough to give me this happy life.