Pet of The Month: My Name Is JJ Miller

Jim Ellison

I am called a mini Bernedoodle, but some folks don’t know what mix that is. I am a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Yep, quite the mixture, but I am a cutie. I am full of energy at two years old and quite the watchdog in our house. However, when I’m out walking with our neighbors or at the dog park, I do not bark. One of my best human friends is Jim Ellison of the Pet Companion Club. He always has a treat for me. I will sit and sometimes even catch the treat in the air. My dad and I walk with Jim and his dog Teddy, Kristie and Mr. Archie, along with neighbors Cliff and Gay and dog Barney. Quite the group! It is just like the dog park group with Bear, Daisy, and the others I enjoy playing with.

I’ve been in trouble quite a few times after my folks, Scott and Bert Miller, adopted me. Learning new house rules can be tough, but I am trying. Of course, I am still having some issues getting into things. I run around the house with socks, shoes, or anything else that I can steal, so they will chase me. It is a lot of fun, but I will put it down when they say “Drop it JJ!”

One of my favorite pastimes is to ride in the car. We went on a trip in November to Nipomo, Calif. It was great, with a middle seat between my folks so I could either watch or sleep. When I’m in PebbleCreek Land, you might see my head peeking out from the backseat window. If we leave PebbleCreek Land, my folks won’t let me do that, as it is too dangerous with unknown flying objects. They are just taking care of me, but I still miss the wind in my face.

I do have a big problem though. I love people! I jump and try to kiss everyone I see. It is a learning curve I haven’t been able to quite master. Yes, my folks get pretty frustrated when I meet people, but I am young, and they say I will calm down as I get older. Everyone says I am a happy dog, so what more could I ask for!

I have a lot of happy days, but it’s always Happy Pet Day here in PebbleCreek Land!