Pet of the Month: Bobby Has Many Friends in PebbleCreek

Jim Ellison, President, Pet Companions Club

Hi, my name is Bobby, but my friends call me Bob. My dad, Ed Raker, and my mom, Lynn Jacobson, moved to PebbleCreek with me in 2015, and we like it here. It’s great how they built all these beautiful trails, one going right behind my house, just for me to go on walks.

When I was adopted, I had a broken leg which needed surgery to repair. So now I have a slight limp when I walk, but it doesn’t slow me down at all.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have a sister named Lilly. She’s a Chihuahua, so actually she’s my stepsister. We get along just fine, unless I try to get into her dog bed while she’s already in there. Then there’s sometimes trouble.

I have many friends around here, and I often get to see them on my walks. Some of my human friends are Jack and Wendy, Ron and Nancy, and Jan and George and Sue. Then there’s my special friend Ann, who takes care of me when Mom and Dad are away. I really like Ann. I have several dog friends too, like Brady, Morgan, Gracie, Charlie, Buddy, and Sarah. Sometimes I get to see Luke and Leia too. Whenever I pass a house with the door open, I try to pull my Dad inside with me because I’m sure there must be a dog and a box full of dog toys in there too.

I’m usually on my best behavior, but sometimes when Lilly and I are home alone, I like to tip over a wastebasket and tear up some of the paper inside. Guess it’s just my way of saying I miss the folks when they are gone.

Besides walks and dog toys, some of my favorite things are golf cart rides. But I love road trips as well, and I’m a good traveler.

That’s pretty much my story. Thanks for reading about me.