PebbleCreek’s Strictly Strength Fitness Class Meets the Challenge

First shirts awarded in Strictly Strength Challenge! Left to right, bottom row: Jan Mart, Valerie Bethany, Sonia Lunardi, Irene Moore, Nancy Weber, Ellen Schoenberger, Susan Riley; top row: Kimberly Meyer, Darla Sterios, Pam Schoenen, Leslie Darden, Laurie Hoskinson, Melissa Padesky, Tina Butir, Melodie Boyer, Becky Cox, Bev Nowak, Bobbie Wagner, Sandra McGarva, and Jenny Munson

Sonia Lunardi

Exercise is particularly important for aging individuals as it offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that can enhance overall well-being. With that in mind, and hoping to promote exercise and good health, fitness instructor Sonia Lunardi issued a “25 Day Better Together Challenge.” Participants were asked to attend class for 25 consecutive sessions. Their motto was to:

Face It

* Transform your exercise into an enjoyable routine.

* Experience the motivating force of group fitness—together we push boundaries.

* Discover the strength in numbers.

Crush It

* Crush every workout and feel empowered.

* Say hello to better strength, endurance, and bone health.

* Enjoy the perks of increased mobility, elevated energy levels, and a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.


* Unlock your potential with consistency, the cornerstone of success! Participants who complete the challenge receive an exclusive Strictly Strength tank top or T-shirt with the class logo and their motto: Face it, Crush it, Repeat.