PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Is an Amazing Village!

Pam McWhorter

They say it takes a village, and Pebblecreek Pickleball Club did it! We have an amazing pickleball club! On Feb. 24 and 25, the second Team Challenge Tournament was held. Jim Barbe, tournament chair, stated that “at one time, there were over 135 people on the waitlist in addition to the 240 people who played.” He wants to say thanks to the division managers for doing a terrific job keeping track of the results and to Kathy Delaney for heading up a group of volunteers that handled the pizza meal following play. There were also members of the Tournament Committee who put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make this event a success.

The final first place winners were (drum roll please!) … The Dodgers in the Baseball Division! When asked what they owe their success to, avid pickleball player Glenn Scheider responded, “I think we were successful because we did not rely on one group to carry us, rather each pair had games where they matched up well with the competition to bring us a win. All six of us had highs and lows at different times, but as a team we balanced out for a positive result. It was so much fun to be a part of, and something I will never forget.” Bill Cagle, Glenn’s partner, said “This was a fun experience. I got to meet new people, got to know some players better, and play in a new, unique format.”

If you haven’t participated in the Team Challenge Event you should consider it. It is a tournament designed for all levels. Each team consists of three different levels of play. You play just four points with your partner who is at or near your level. After four points the next team of players come in. The entire team is on the court cheering everyone on. As a spectator, I found it very exciting to watch the teams’ camaraderie! The tournament committee members hope to make this challenge a regular event.

Upcoming Events for Pebblecreek Pickleball Club

Don’t forget to add a little spice to your pickleball play on the first Saturday of each month by wearing:

April 6Pastel Paisley

May 4Rainbow Bright

June 1Hawaiian Luau