The PebbleCreek Italian American Club season begins

Club members enjoying another terrific Carrabba’s dinner with great conversation

Club members enjoying another terrific Carrabba’s dinner with great conversation

Judi Rizzetto

The PebbleCreek Italian American Club wants to extend a Bentornati a tutti i nostril amici snowbird or a Welcome back to all our snowbird friends.

Club members and guests enjoyed Dining Out at Carrabba’s in July and Bella Luna on Thursday, August 14. Both times everyone enjoyed an afternoon of terrific food, wine, other drinks, dolces and conversation.

September sees the club restarting with a great mix of new and existing activities. Some of the club activities for your consideration are fun meetings, maybe a Saluta Festa (a meet/greet festival with wine or your favorite beverage) in the Eagle’s Nest Ballroom, or an Andiamo Night (an after meeting activity where the members can socialize and get better acquainted); Trivia (with a good mix of American and Italian facts) or other games with prizes; a Columbus Day and/or St. Joseph Day get-togethers; the Poinsettia Ball December 6, 2014; the Christmas Pageant Outing December 13, 2014; the Day at the Races activity; the fabulous Italian Regional Cooking Day and the Member Appreciation lunch/dinner.

As stated all through the summer, the club’s Poinsettia Ball committee has been busy planning the 2014 fabulous Poinsettia Ball. The ball will be held on Saturday, December 6, 2014, in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom. Tickets will be available to club members at the September 10 meeting. Dates for the sale of any remaining tickets will be posted shortly.

All PebbleCreekers (i.e. all FBIs, Full Blooded Italians), IBMs (Italian by Marriage) and WEICs (Wanna enjoy Italian culture/customs) are welcome to join us for another terrific year enjoying our own Little Italy. Our first meeting this fall is Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. Members and guests are welcome starting around 6:30 p.m. You can find an invitation to our club in the kiosk opposite the Eagle’s Nest Pro Shop or by contacting President Rose Ann Cleland at either 535-9771 or [email protected]