PebbleCreek Community Map Gets Used!

Susie Nee holding the PebbleCreek map after walking all 65 miles.

Susie Nee holding the PebbleCreek map after walking all 65 miles.

When asked to provide feedback on the PebbleCreek Community Map, this is what one energetic homeowner, Susie Nee, had to say: “I love the map. During Covid, I got tired of walking the same route every day, so I decided I would walk and bike every street in PebbleCreek (65 miles, I am told). For this project, the map was my best friend. I would drive my golf cart to a location and walk from there, and then I would mark it with a yellow highlighter when I completed walking it. For biking, I would mark it in pink. I always joke that we live in the beige house with cactus and palm trees, but there really are differences in neighborhoods and areas, and I enjoyed seeing the variety of landscaping. Often friends would join me on a segment. When I first started, I could only walk about a mile but gradually worked up to two and two-and-a-half miles a day. My 2020 map is practically in shreds from folding it and refolding it so many times. I had lots of people stop to ask me if I needed help when I was standing by my golf cart with my map, which shows the kindness of people in PebbleCreek. I also walked all 65 miles again in the fall. Now, for what I like about the map:

* The location of each gate with gate number

* The maps of Tuscany Falls and Eagle’s Nest Clubhouses

* The unit numbers

* The walking paths with distances

* The Freeway Express System on the back

“Thanks for a great product!”