PCMGA Holds 2023 Presidents Cup Match Play Competition

2023 PCMGA Presidents Cup captains John Abercrombie (left) and Jack Stipp

Howie Tiger

The PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association held its annual “Ryder Cup” style tourney pitting two 118-man teams against each other over three days of competition. The event was played on Jan. 12, 14, and 19 and used two PebbleCreek courses each day. John Abercrombie, PCMGA president, captained one team and Jack Stipp, vice president, captained the other.

To create the 2-man teams for rounds one and two, the “form your own team” sign-up process allowed buddies to play together. No team could have more than an 8-stroke differential between players.

Each winning match was worth one point with a tie worth ½ point. A total of 236 points were for the taking in the overall competition.

Day 1—The format for this round was “Fourball,” aka one best-ball of partners. Thirty 2-man team matches were played at Eagle’s Nest and another 29 at Tuscany Falls (TF) West. Team Stipp took the lead winning 31 matches while Team Abercrombie won 26. Two matches were halved. So, on day 1, Stipp earned 32 points versus Abercrombie’s 27 points. A fairly close match.

Day 2—The format for this round was “Foursomes,” aka alternate shot. Before start of play, each 2-man team decided which partner tees off on the even-numbered holes and which on the odd-numbered holes. Then they alternate until the ball is holed. Thirty matches were played at TF East and 29 at Eagle’s Nest. Team Stipp won 32 matches while Team Abercrombie won 22. Five matches were halved. So, on day 2, Stipp added 34½ points to Abercromie’s 24½ points.

Day 3—Starting the final day, Team Stipp had a 15-point lead (66½ to 51½). A sizable, but not an insurmountable one. The format for this round was “Singles,” aka individual matches with 60 matches played on the West course and 58 on the East course. With 118 points at stake, it was still possible for Team Abercrombie to catch up or to even win from behind. All individuals on both teams gave it their all. Abercrombie’s team won 54 matches while Stipp’s won 49. They halved 15 matches. So, on the final day, Abercrombie cut into Stipp’s lead with 61½ points versus 56½. Not enough though to overcome their 15 point deficit.

Team Stipp beat Team Abercrombie 123 to 113. Ten points is not much when you consider they were competing for 236 total points!

The winning totals were announced in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom where beer was served.

Prizes were awarded to winners of each match as well as to members of the winning team.

Both captains want to thank Steve Straley and Clint Hull for all the work they did together on setting up the matches—lots and lots of time involved for sure.

Since the vice president’s teams keep winning this competition, maybe we should change the event’s name to the “Vice Presidents Cup”?