PCM9GA Announces May 9 Two Man Shamble Tournament Results

First Place team, Back Nine,Tuscany West, left to right: Joe Oliver, Bob Salzman, Wayne Tripp, Charlie Craig

Second Place team, Back Nine, Tuscany West, left to right: Don Paxton, Kurt Kleinknecht, and Matt Jungels. Not pictured: Richard Spampinato.

Erv Stein

Our PebbleCreek Men’s Nine-Hole Golf Association (PCM9GA) conducted our latest series of bi-monthly, always exciting tournaments at 1 p.m. on the surprisingly quite temperate low 80s afternoon of May 9, utilizing our newly turf renovated Tuscany West Course. For this event, the quite interesting Two Man Shamble Format was utilized where the net lowest scores of two foursome team members was the basis for the next 9-hole team scores. A total of 23 foursomes, 92 players were assigned utilizing both the front and back nine holes in a shot-gun fashion and net scores were compiled on the basis of each golfer’s prevailing established AGA Handicaps. For each hole, each team member therefore was assigned socalled “POPS with lower handicapped golfers typically benefiting from zero POPS. Higher handicapped golfers were assigned up to Two POPS for more challenging holes raising the possibility of receiving perhaps virtual net birdies, eagles, or, yes, even a virtual holein-one.

While the weather that afternoon was simply awesome, wind was somewhat of a factor, and many of our team members were quite surprised with somewhat unpredictable greens that played a definite factor in putting accuracy. Oddly enough putting in one direction would be surprisingly slow while on the same green the next putt often encountered a much faster putt resulting in quite frustrating overshooting the hole by perhaps even a wider margin.

In any event, as expected, the competition was really tight with just a few net strokes separating the 5-team winner in each flight from the alsoran teams. Congratulations and kudos to the top two winning teams as follows:

Front Flight, Back Nine, Tuscany West

First Place, -12 Under Par, Net 60: Joe Oliver, Bob Salzman, Wayne Tripp, Charlie Craig

Second Place, -10 Under Par, Net 62: Matt Jungels, Richard Spampinato, Dan Paxton,

Kurt Kleinknecht

Back Flight, Front Nine, Tuscany West

First Place, -10 Under Par, Net 62: Bob Geiges, Joe Volstromer, Jim Rohr, Ray Bender

Second Place, -8 Under Par, Net 64: Rene Lefebvre, Jay Ward, Mike Hurst, Kerry Walsh

Following the event, a fair number of team members relaxed at the Tiny Tavern.

Our PCM9GA group, founded way back in 2005, has rapidly expanded its membership role and currently has grown to 379 golfers as of May 8. With the seasonal departure of our snowbird members, our late spring through early fall event participation will be somewhat reduced. We highly encourage prospective PCM9GA members interested in joining our exceptional, fun-loving, low-key group of golfers to contact our membership chairman, Tim Munson, at 503-460-7618.