PCLGA Welcomes New Members

New Members in attendance were, left to right, Rochelle Dammel, Kathy Ellis, Moe (Maureen) Schultz, Lisa Fahle, Edwina Wood, Nina Coulombe, Pene James, Pam Mineski, Ronda Maglio, Gayle Harnisch, and Jennette Stockton.

Carole Schumacher

New members and members of the PebbleCreek Ladies Golf Association (PCLGA) board and Committee Chairs enjoyed an exquisite luncheon poolside on Feb. 21 at the home of Jayne Dinan, to welcome ladies who recently joined the PCLGA.

Attendees shared their story of arrival in PebbleCreek and their golf “history”as always, nice stories that make you smile! The new members were initiated by enjoying time with existing members and learning a bit more about the PCLGA as each board member and chair explained their roles in the 18-hole golf league.

In addition to the ladies pictured, other new members who joined since September 2023 are Maureen Crandell, Ann Cridelich, Patei Dittman, Dava Esman, Michelle Hart, Julie Haskin, Kristine Kincaid, Tammy Sorg, and Lisa Thor. Welcome ladies!

At the end of January 2024, the PCLGA had 255 members and 49 associate members for a total of 304 members. For more information about joining the PCLGA, contact New Member Directors: Sue White at 480-262-5155 or Jayne Dinan at 303-809-9477.