PCLGA “M&M Reconnection” Tournament Is a Wrap!

PCLGA members played at Tuscany Falls and Eagle’s Nest. Some players dressed up the course from the Tuscany side!

Carole Schumacher

The PCLGA Member-Member Tournament on March 1 and 2 was a huge success with 194 players participating! The weather was fantastic with temperatures in the low 80s both days. It was so fun reconnecting in a member-member event after a two-year delay.

The event was played on the Tuscany Falls East and Eagle’s Nest courses and featured a one-best ball, eclectic format. Each two-person team played the same course both days, with an opportunity to better their scores from the first day on day two. It’s great fun to say, “If I could just play that hole over again, I would have done great.” All flag placements were the same for both days. Three places were paid in each flight: 1st gross and 1st and 2nd net. The winners were:

Flight 1: Andrea Dilger/Monica Lee, 1st gross; Sue Kanaly/Nicola Witty, 1st net; Mary Harris/Amber Rivera, 2nd net

Flight 2: Kittie Day/Ann Page, 1st gross; Sue Abercrombie/Cathy Weaver, 1st net; Lyn Bronzetti/Jackie Goupil and Denise Johnson/Susan Slaughter, 2nd net tie

Flight 3: Cindy Sota/Christine Stelplugh, 1st gross (thank God they won first since it would be embarrassing to get a hole-in-one and lose a tournament!); Helen Wagner/Liz Wenzler, 1st net; Patty Brown/Kathy Enegren, 2nd net

Flight 4: Sharma Fleming/Cathy Schafer, 1st gross; Denise Gardner/Carole Schumacher and Becky Rio/Gail Sarro, 1st net tie

Flight 5: Barb Chilton/Jayne Dinan, 1st gross; Jackie Christianson/Lana May, 1st net; Jeanne Corn/Renee Shellhorse and Ellen Sturgulz/Carolyn Suttles, 2nd net tie

Flight 6: Vera Ilsley/Trish Watkins, Arlene Engelbert/Carol Peterson, and Esther Frehner/Barbara Stampke, 1st gross 3-way tie; Lea Morse/Diana Wolf and Gayle Hubbard/Chris Urbatchka, 1st net tie

Flight 7: Karen Griffin/Vicki McLaughlin, 1st gross; Mary Neeley/Sharon Temple, 1st net; Kathy McMillin/Lin Ochs, 2nd net

Flight 8: Susan Harris/Linda Thompson, 1st gross; Kathy Foord/Betty Wring, 1st net; Tess Braden/Carol Taylor, 2nd net

Flight 9: Chelli Fossen/Sandra Rivera, 1st gross; Ilona Barlow/Ruth Vohn and Judy Brown/Suzan Simons, 1st net tie

Flight 10: Jackie Low/Linda Sweet, 1st gross; Carol Adkins/Mary Rollins, 1st net; Pat DeMatties/Karin Smith, 2nd net

Congratulations to the winners! Members can view photos on the PCLGA website.

Special thanks for organizing a terrific event go to the tournament co-chairs, Carol Langhardt, Sharon Dawe, Chris Duprey, and Deanna Mendiola.

The following provided their usual skillful guidance and support to ensure this tournament was a success: Judy Hauser, Major Tournament Chair; Vicki Norrie, Susan Harris, and Sharon Johnson, Golf Genius support. Thanks to our golf staff of John McCahan, Ronnie Decker, Dave Vadar, and Dave Korba and his crew for all their help. And finally, we appreciate the PebbleCreek food and beverage staff for providing a delicious deli buffet luncheon served at the conclusion of the tournament.