PC Hiking Club – February 2024

Celebrating a Hiking Milestone

Left to right: Leon Mosse, Diana Bedwell, Cheryl Healey, Beverly Kim, George Healey, Pam Marshall, Linda Schmillen, Ed Kim, Dorothy Sammartino, Barb Kripps, Ann Rohlman, Nancy Love, Coedy Hadden, Susan Bernt, Jan Sherwood, Mary Hill, and Doug Bieker. Not pictured: Dana Thomas, photographer.

Pam Marshall

On Dec. 13, a clear sunny day with a chill in the air, 18 members of the PebbleCreek Hiking Club met to celebrate a hiking milestone for one of its members. The group met at White Tank Mountain Regional Park and hiked the popular Library to Waterfall trail. In seasons where the rains are generous, this in and out hike is especially beautiful at the waterfall—the halfway point. Even though the group wasn’t blessed with water this time, they stopped to enjoy the scenery and celebrate Linda Schmillen completing 2,000 miles hiked with the club. Way to go, Linda!

Linda joined the PebbleCreek Hiking Club in the spring of 2015 and likes to hike a couple of times a week. She contributes to the club as chair of the Activities Committee, planning for speakers, special hikes, and other events. In addition to this milestone, Linda has also completed the “100 miles in 100 days” hiking challenge sponsored by the Maricopa County Parks several times. Linda enjoys the camaraderie of the club because the miles become easier when you can enjoy a conversation with a fellow hiker on the trail.

Hikers Enjoy a Verrado Hike

Left to right, lower: Diana Bedwell, Barb Kripps, Laurie Malatesta, Ruth Bindler, Mary Hill, Jan Sherwood, Nancy Love, Kay Thomas and Nadine Eder; upper: Lynn Warren (photographer), Dana Thomas, Julie Walmsley, Tom O’Reilly, Clare Bangs, Doug Bieker, and Eileen Lords-Mosse pausing for a photo after a snack break along the Highline trail in nearby Verrado.

Lynn Warren

It has been pretty chilly on early morning hikes in the new year, but on Dec. 8, it was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day and 16 “B” and “C” hikers enjoyed a comfortable, scenic 8-mile hike in Verrado. Although the hike was not especially long, the terrain along the Deadhead Pass, Highline, and South of the Border trails was not exactly flat and the hikers gained approximately 1,000 feet during the hike. Residential development continues to encroach but Verrado remains a convenient, close-in hiking area which is popular with PebbleCreek hikers. The hiking club offers hikes appropriate for most levels of fitness; join the club and enjoy the Arizona outdoors with a fun group of people. Visit the club website at pchikers.org for more information and photos.

Hiking in the New Year

Left to right: Laurie Malatesta, Kris Raczkiewicz, Clare Bangs, Jan Larson, Doug Bieker, Neal Wring, Mike Tansey, and Lynn Warren (photographer) celebrating the new year in Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

Lynn Warren

Even though it was a cool, dreary morning, eight “B” hikers celebrated the arrival of 2024 with a 9-mile hike in Estrella Mountain Regional Park, just a short distance south of PebbleCreek. The group paused for a short snack break at the quartz outcropping just off the Pedersen trail, one of their favorite break areas. After the break, the group participated in a quick celebration of the new year before heading back to the Toothaker trail, which led back to the parking lot. Why not join the hiking club and explore interesting and scenic areas with a fun group of people? Visit the club website at pchikers.org for more information and photos.

Sunset Hike

Hikers, left to right: Beverly Kim, Linda Schmillen, Coedy Hadden, Sue Bernt, Julie Walmsley, Peggy Haner, Dorothy Sammartino, Ed Kim, Pam Marshall, and Julian Bindler (photo by Ruth Bindler)

Ruth Bindler

Most of the hikes sponsored by PebbleCreek Hiking Club start in the early morning, but once in a while the time is switched to later in the day. Watch for notices of a sunset hike or night hike with headlamps! On Dec. 10, the club sponsored a sunset hike close to the solstice. The group began the hike in Estrella Park in the mid afternoon while the sun was shining brightly and traversed more than five miles to finish just as the Estrella Mountains were capturing the last rays of sun. The adventurers then went to one of the parks’ ramadas and shared snacks while watching the sun set. If you want to learn more about the week’s hikes and other club events, visit pchikers.org or attend the meetings at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Palm Room in Eagle’s Nest.