Patrol Activity Report

Bill Kyle

Patrol Dispatched

Alarms All Other        9

All Facilities Locked at Night        31

All Facilities Unlocked AM        31

Animal Rules Leash        2

Animals Lost & Found        3

Animals Misc.        1

Auto Accidents        1

Barking Dog        0

Broken Gate Arms        11

Buildings Checked        66

Damage to Property        2

Dead Animal Pickup        9

Debris on Road        8

Disabled Vehicle        2

Disturbance        3

Dust Dirt Complaint        0

Escort Guest/Homeowner        2

Flag and Sign Violations        11

Flat Tire Assistance        1

Gate Malfunctions        17

Golf Cart Tow        13

Golf Course Rules        2

Holiday or sign Violations        1

Home Owner/Guest Assistance        10

Jump Start        27

Lighting Rules        0

Lost and Found        6

Miscellaneous        36

Pool Rules        1

RFIDs Installed        90

Soliciting        1

Speeding Complaint by H/O        2

Suspicious Act/Person        11

Theft        0

Vacation Watch        770

Water Leak        19

Weeds        6

Welfare Check        7

Total Dispatches for Month        1,212

Violation/Courtesy Notices/Warnings

Driveway Parking        16

Disabled Parking Violations        2

Expired Passes        1

Fire Lane Parking        1

Garage Door         87

Unregistered Golf Cart        1

Illegal Gate Entry        27

Parking On Unpaved Surface        0

RV Violations        3

Speeding Tickets/Warnings issued        11

Stop Sign Courtesy/Tickets Issued        21

Street Parking        30

Trash Rules        22

Total        222

Gate Counts

Tuscany Falls        50,415

Eagle’s Nest        25,196

Total        75,611

Are Guests Arriving Soon?

The PebbleCreek patrol office is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. All phone calls to the gates, 623-935-0387, are answered by the patrol office. After office hours the line is transferred to the gate so someone is available 24/7. During the day we receive an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 calls. These calls range from guests arriving and dispatches for patrol services, to general information. Please leave a message if our lines are busy and we will follow up. If a guest is coming into PebbleCreek and you get a recording, you can just leave the information and it will be entered into our computers.

1. Leave your name and address. Make sure you leave your full address.

2. Leave the first and last name of your guest. Leave a company name if it is a company.

3. It is important that you leave the arrival date and departure date.