Here’s What’s Happening on the Pickleball Courts

Mimi Blythe

Ka-boom it’s hot, Batman! Summer exploded with a vengeance, and we are experiencing higher-than-average temperatures. Please watch out for each other to avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Please review the signs of overheating posted around the courts. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Court Resurfacing

Court resurfacing has been postponed a bit and will now start Aug. 16. When the resurfacing begins, all club round robins will be suspended until the work is complete. Open play and drop-in courts will be reassigned as needed.

School Supply Social a Huge Success!

Thanks to all who donated time or much-needed supplies at this July social to help the students and teachers at Eliseo C. Felix Elementary School. And thank you, Constance and John Angus, for organizing this very successful event!

Independence Day No-Host Social

Initiated by Kathy Aalto (with the help of Wendy Langhals and Indy Rebhun) to celebrate our freedom and to give thanks to those who have given and continue to give our country their service, players brought many yummy breakfast treats to share with everyone. Players enjoyed using both the club’s open play and drop-in systems. Lots of laughs were shared throughout the morning. It was a wonderful 4th of July celebration!

Friendly Reminders

* All guests must possess guest cards to play on the courts. This remains true for those guests who are from our surrounding neighborhood cities as well as out-of-state guests.

* After your play, please pick up all the pickleball balls, returning them to their sleeves, and close the gates as you leave. These two actions will help in both personal safety and helping to safeguard both the balls and the gates.

* Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Round Robins

Round robins continue to use both the traditional charts and the new “split and go” round robins. In the split and go, players finish their game, come off the court, split with their partner, and the next four players ready to play enter the open court. This is compared with the traditional round robins where each player has an assigned number and court that they play on as soon as all the previous games are completed. Both systems are set up so members play with a variety of different players each game.

Upcoming Events

* Club Board Meeting—Sept. 21, 3 p.m., TF Milan Room

* Club Board Meeting—Oct. 19, 3 p.m., TF Milan Room

* Fall Kick-Off—Nov. 6, tickets on sale in October

* General Membership Meeting—Nov. 9, time TBD

* Toys for Goodyear Kids Drive and Social—Date and time TBD

* Final 4—Mixed Nov. 1, Women’s Dec. 8, and Men’s Dec. 9

* Club Board Meeting—Nov. 16, 3 p.m., TF Milan Room

* PebbleCreek Pickleball Tournament—Feb. 8 through 10

* Club Championships—Women’s March 9, Men’s March 10, and Mixed March 12