Our community church welcomes returning snowbirds

Join us for Bible Study class.

Join us for Bible Study class.

Clyde Dowell

With the fall season, attendance at our Sunday services is swelling. Each Sunday our PebbleCreek Community Church turns our Eagle’s Nest Ballroom into a Christian sanctuary; all are welcome to join in our one hour services followed by social gathering. Apart from Sunday services, we find that many friends within our community who attend services elsewhere enjoy joining in one of our several Bible studies. Our Bible studies are conducted in homes throughout PebbleCreek and moderated by both lay and clergy members of our congregation. Here again, the diversity of people within our community provides opportunity for varied and lively discussion, always accompanied by social time together with common focus on Christian beliefs. Try us out and join in should you find we meet your needs!

Last year 11 volunteers led 10 Bible study classes with subjects ranging from studies of the Bible to a book called 12 Ordinary Men which was a study of the 12 Apostles. Some classes were attended by women, some by men and some were mixed. Each class was developed by the leader, taking into account the thoughts of class members as the class continued.

This season our class entitled Terrorism, Jihad and the Bible is already underway. The class meets in the home of Don and Dorrie Clark Sunday evenings. Our Sunday morning class led by Phylice Walton is also underway. They meet in the Palm Room starting at 8:00 a.m. and welcome additional attendees. A prayer group led by Virginia Sims in her home on Wednesday mornings has also begun; more are welcome. However, the majority of our Bible study classes will be starting in October. Should you have an interest, please explore our offerings and hopefully you will find some that meet your spiritual needs.

The quickest way to get details on our Bible study classes is to check our PebbleCreek Community Church web site at www.pebblecreekchurch.org. You may also call or email Clyde Dowell, our Elder with responsibility for Education, at [email protected]. Of course, our Pastor Dr. Dennis Kizziar is also always available: [email protected] or 541-815-2019. Please come and join with us!