Other Card Results


The Cribbage Club meets every Thursday at 1:00 PM in the Sienna Room, Tuscany Falls. The Cribbage Club is open to all Pebble Creek residents interested in playing a friendly game of Cribbage. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards please bring them with you.

Here is our winners report –

From March 14th:  Denny Stoll, Norm Mercer, Bob LaChapelle,  Sheryl McLaughlin and Don Meindersma;

From March 21st: Jim Rezloff, Gary Lind, Paul Messina and Ron Santoro;

From March 28th: Bill “25” Forshaw, Karen Erickson, Bill McLaughlin and Denny Stoll;

From April 4th: Jim Retzloff, Don Meindersma and Bill Wood; and

From April 11th: John “Hoot” Evers, Denny Stoll, Sheryl McLaughlin and Jim Ritzloff.

For more information, please call: Gary Lind (623) 215-4601, Rich Rugg (623) 856-5111 or Donna von Oy (623) 935-1967.


Fly away little snowbirds, back to your “beat the heat” homesteads. We’ll miss you and I bet you’ll miss playing pinochle with the PebbleCreek crew. Bet you’ll also be watching the weather and be glad to be wherever you may be. We’ll be watching your weather too and perhaps wishing we were there. See you in the fall.

March Winners

March 7 1st Place, Bob Tarabetz 7,480; 2nd Place, Jerry DeKruif 6,890; 3rd Place, Marion Helton 6,690; Booby Prize, Renae Tarabetz 3,380.

March 14 1st Place, Sheryl McLaughlin 7,320; 2nd Place, Bob Gilman 6,600, 3rd Place, Rich Rugg 6,490; Booby Prize, Khana Soper 3,320.

March 21 1st Place, Skip Holmes 7,250; 2nd Place, Khana Soper 6,820; 3rd Place, Kim Holmes 6,570; Booby Prize, Glenn Grube 3,760.

March 28 1st Place: Marion Helton 6,630; 2nd Place: Larry Soper 6.530; 3rd Place: Sheryl McLaughlin 6,620; Booby Prize: Shirley Bria 3,520.

Mah Jongg

Patty Greene

The Mah Jongg Tournament, which has become an annual event here in PebbleCreek, was held on March 28, in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom. Sixty enthusiastic MJ players attended. The play was monitored and refereed by Alex Potapoff. Eight hands were played in the morning with a break for a delicious salad and soup bar and then followed by cookies and a final eight hands in the afternoon.

Ten players were recognized as winners of the tournament and received monetary prizes for their excellent play. First place was Elaine Carlson, second place was Liz Fergione, third place was Monica Charlesworth. Other winners were Patty Greene, Sue Branton, Ronnie Merlis, Fran Ackerman, Barbara Macfarlane, Cheryl LaMotta and Sue White.

The organizers for this event, Patty Greene, Nancy Hansen and Mary Georgesen would like to thank our volunteers and players for sharing their time, MJ sets, mats and card tables so that this fun event could take place.

Play on and see you next year!