Meet the Rescuers!

PebbleCreek bird rescuers and specialists, left to right: Layne Sheridan, Cathy Countryman Cook, and Sheri Spirek

The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek would like to introduce you to our bird rescuers and specialists. These ladies have been working behind the scenes to rescue the many birds you have seen on our PebbleCreek Residents Facebook page and the PebbleCreek egroup.

Cathy Countryman Cook is associated with Fallen Feathers, which is a rescue and rehabilitation organization in Peoria. Fallen Feathers takes in many of our injured wild birds. They also take in surrendered or rescued pet birds that need to find new homes, such as parrots, parakeets, cockatoos, and cockatiels. Cathy has been rescuing a variety of injured birds in our community, including doves and pigeons. She really enjoys working with the pet birds while she volunteers at Fallen Feathers.

Layne Sheridan has been rescuing injured birds in our community as well. If you find an injured bird in PebbleCreek, or a lost pet bird, please contact Cathy or Layne for their expertise on what to do.

Sheri Spirek is associated with Wild At Heart, a raptor (hawks, owls, eagles, etc.) rescue organization in Cave Creek. Sheri is the person you can call if you find a hawk or owl that has been injured, or a youngster that has fallen from the nest. Sheri is experienced with how to handle these birds without injuring them or getting injured herself from their sharp talons and beaks.

Now you know who to contact if you find an injured bird! If you are interested in volunteering at either Fallen Feathers ( or Wild At Heart (, they can always use volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help rescue birds or bunnies in PebbleCreek, the Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek ( can always use more volunteers as well!