Marilyn Reynolds Achieves Her 10,000 Mile Goal

Vicki Carter

“You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.”—C.S. Lewis

For the many friends of Marilyn Reynolds, it came as no surprise when she announced that she was having two parties to celebrate her 75th birthday and her significant accomplishment of 10,000 hiking miles. In true Marilyn style, she organized a group of family, neighbors, and hiking and golf buddies to join her for the final three miles of her 10,000 mile journey. This lady is tenacious, energetic, outgoing, highly organized, and a real people person but oh so humble at the same time. On the trail, Marilyn took time to talk individually to all 40 people accompanying her. She showed her appreciation with a delicious picnic lunch and a photographer to capture the memories. On March 30, she treated family and friends to a fun “hippie” and Hawaiian themed dinner/dance party at the Chianti Room, Tuscany Falls, complete with a fresh lei for each guest.

Marilyn credits the PebbleCreek Hiking Club for not only sparking her interest in hiking as a way to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, but also for the knowledge of how to hike safely. With the many distractions that PebbleCreek offers, it took her eight years to reach the first 1,000 miles. After that, she steadily increased her mileage each year. However, it was only in January 2022 that she set the goal of 10,000 miles by her 75th birthday in 2024.

Marilyn refers to the goal of 3,687 miles in 26 months as aggressive, but some would call it crazy. They don’t know Marilyn! She had a plannine miles four times a week. And now she has the distinction of being the first PebbleCreek female to have hiked 10,000 recorded miles.

To put things into perspective, you would have to walk around Robson Circle (2.5 miles) every day for 11 years or walk to New York City from Phoenix four times. It’s a long way! You might wonder what obstacles you have to overcome to walk that far. With rattlesnakes, Marilyn always gave those cute little guys the right of way. She redesigned her boots to be open toed, not as a fashion statement but to save her toenails. Imagine hiking when it’s only 90 instead of 110 degrees. At times it was tough, but there was no quitting for this petite fireball.

When asked what’s next, Marilyn replied “I will continue to hike but not as often, as fast, or as far. If I hear a bird, I will stop and listen as long as I want. If I meet a dog or a horse along the trail, I will engage with that four-legged friend as long as the owner will allow. I will work on my golf game, which has suffered much in the last two years. I may even take up pickleball.”

Congratulations, Marilyn! You are an inspiration to us all.