Kare Bears’ Korner – June 2022

Our Kare Bears Volunteers Rock!

Recipients of 10-year pins, left to right: Penny Gehrmann, Larry Blackburn, Jan Kirk, and Muriel Milewski

Left to right: Rayma Scalzo, founder, congratulates Thelma Lindhorn on 20 years of service.

Maureen Plate

Kare Bears honored and celebrated their volunteers with a breakfast buffet on April 16, in the Tuscany Ballroom. The theme “Our Volunteers Rock” was carried out with rock and roll music before the program began. The tables were set with old vinyl LP covers as a base for a soda glass with white carnations and a straw. Balloons and rock and roll LP covers decorated the room. To thank each volunteer, a thank you note with a silver jukebox-engraved book clip was set beside each place setting.

On behalf of the Robson Reserve, Jill Romo and Lance Williams gave Kare Bears a donation of $1,500. This donation was in appreciation for what Kare Bears does for the PebbleCreek community. Thank you Robson Reserve for your generosity!

President Tom Meek introduced the board of directors of Kare Bears and the committee members who organized the event. Each group of volunteers was asked to stand and be recognized. Bob Wainmann, Jan Stash, Linda Glazer, Cheryl Brodbeck, and Ronnie Levine were recognized for their outstanding work as special volunteers.

Volunteers receiving 10-year pins were Larry Blackburn, Penny Gehrmann, Jan Kirk, and Muriel Milewski. Although not present, Susan Bergstrom, Joanne Clements, Margit Franzone, and Bill Nee also have received their 10-year pins. Thank you all for your time and dedication.

And the biggest thanks went to Thelma Lindhorn and Barbara Kinney for hitting the 20-year mark as Kare Bears volunteers. Rayma Scalzo, Kare Bears founder, presented Thelma with a 20-year pin and a bouquet of flowers for her volunteer efforts in being a coordinator, membership director, and much more. Although Barbara was unable to attend, she also received a 20-year pin and flowers for being a Coordinator and instrumental in the success of Share Bears for many years.

To sum it up, the breakfast buffet was a huge success. It ended on a fun and festive note with Melissa Kallett emceeing a trivia game about rock and roll music.

Kare Bears Coordinators Are Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Marilynn Rebhun

One of our residents just told us how much she is enjoying being a Kare Bears Coordinator. As a newcomer, she has met so many nice people and really feels part of the PebbleCreek community.

If you are a newcomer or a resident who has resided in the community for a long time, please consider being a Kare Bears Coordinator. We know there are many ways to spend your time, but helping others can be a great way to express your thankfulness for living in such a great community.

To learn more about Kare Bears and Coordinator responsibilities, please go to www.karebears.org. There is a wealth of information there about our organization.

Kare Bears Summer Office Hours

Please note that Kare Bears will have shorter office hours this summer. Starting June 1, the house is open for business from 9 a.m. to noon every day except Sundays.

For more information about Kare Bears, please visit our website at www.karebears.org.

Congratulations, Dee-Dee Patrick!

Dee-Dee Patrick (center) received the Vitalant Impact Award for her outstanding leadership in blood drive coordination.

Rayma Scalzo

Kare Bears is pleased to announce that Dee-Dee Patrick, Director of Health and Wellness, received the Vitalant Impact Award at the Vitalant 46th Annual Luncheon.

The Impact Award is the most prestigious and difficult award to earn, signifying outstanding leadership in blood coordination. It was given to Dee-Dee for her work going above and beyond to encourage participation in the PebbleCreek blood drives.

To quote Tom Choi, vice president of the Vitalant Southwest Division, “Each of us has the power to make an impact, no matter how big or small. Each donation has a memorable impact, not only for the patients we serve, but also for their family, friends, and communities. Because of you, life doesn’t stop.”

Thanks to all of the PebbleCreek residents who continue to donate blood. You have truly made a difference in the lives of others.

Thanks, Robson Reserve!

Jill Romo, marketing director at Robson Reserve

Rayma Scalzo

On behalf of the Robson Reserve, Lance Williams, executive director, and Jill Romo, marketing director, attended the breakfast buffet honoring the Kare Bears volunteers on April 16. They gave Kare Bears a $1,500 donation for all they do for the PebbleCreek community. A brief talk about the Robson Reserve was presented along with an invitation to visit the facility. How lucky we are to have such a beautiful place so close to us if we find we need to downsize or go to an assisted living place.

Kare Bears, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is not affiliated with or funded by the homeowner’s association, and relies solely on contributions from the PebbleCreek residents or community donors. Every donation is tax deductible, so please keep Kare Bears in mind if you have used our services and were pleased or perhaps make a memorial donation in memory of a friend or loved one.

Again, the Kare Bears wish to thank Robson Reserve for helping to impact the quality of life for many residents here in PebbleCreek.

For more information about Kare Bears or to make a donation, go to www.karebears.org. Remember, all residents can benefit from Kare Bears.


Kare Bears Equipment, Transportation, and Health & Wellness Statistics

Rayma Scalzo

Listed below are a few statistics on what Kare Bears did in the month of April.

Amount of medical equipment loaned out:

* 67 pieces

Mileage driven to medically related appointments:

* 2,115 miles

Health and Wellness programs:

* Hearing tests—16 people received hearing testing

* CPR/AED class—17 attained certification

We gladly accept donations. They can be made through our website at www.karebears.org. If you prefer to write a check, make it payable to Kare-ing Neighbors, Inc. and send or deliver to 15383 W. Cheery Lynn Rd., Goodyear, AZ 85395. Thank you.