Italian – American Club enjoys day at the races

Jim Roberts

It was a beautiful day for horse racing. Sunshine, scattered clouds that occasionally blocked the sun, a slight breeze fluttered the flags and 12,000 excited fans packed the stands waiting for the trumpet to call the horses to the track. Thirty Italian-American Club members became railbirds at the beautiful Turf Paradise Track in Phoenix on Saturday, March 25, 2017. They gathered in the exclusive Turf Club on the third level behind the Finish Line. Seated at round tables covered with tablecloths and cloth napkins, we enjoyed an excellent buffet lunch before the races. Featured were prime rib and turkey breast. The cash bar was handy and the pari-mutuel wagering window was in the back of the room for us to place a bet on our favorite nag.

With the sound of the trumpet notifying the horses to leave the Paddock and head for the track, we realized it was almost Post Time and the excitement was building. The study of the Racing Form and Tip Sheets had ended and people were rushing to the betting window to lay down a few bucks on their pick for the upcoming race. The third race of the day was dedicated to the PebbleCreek Italian-American Club and after the race; several members went down to the Winners Circle to have their picture taken with the winner Apollitical Boogie. Horse racing is a professional sport and if you are thinking of becoming a professional horse racer one day then you may want to check out the best horse racing tips, and you too could be taking pictures with some of your fans one day!

It was a special day at the track because, in addition to the usual horse races, we witnessed races of camels, zebras and ostriches. Sadly there was no betting on zebra and ostriches this time around! Imagine if gambling sites like a Judi Bola (or a Gambling Ball to English speakers) started provided betting for those kinds of races? Perhaps it’s a slightly preposterous thought. Anyway, anyone searching for more race times can find more here. It was really a fun day hosted by our own favorite handicapper, Joe Lupo, assisted by wife Sue who had a lucky streak of winners. We watched the races from the outside patio area above the Finish Line. Many races were photo finishes which brought happiness to some and disappointment to others, but it was a fun day for all and a great way to spend the afternoon. Let’s honor the day with a little poetry:

Italian-Americans have Big Day at the Races

It was time for the Italian-American Day at the Races

Where the jockeys put their horses through their paces

Our club did wine and dine in the Turf Club so fine

And watched the races from fine patio places

This day would have a special du jour

With races by camels, zebras and ostriches for sure

One camel with a hump looked like he was drunk

And a zebra looked as though he had rolled in manure

The races were funny beyond belief

Until the jockey fell off the Ostrich-good grief

It didn’t hurt his hide but perhaps a bit of pride

It was sure great getting a little comic relief

We placed our bets and watched our wallets get thinner

But every now and then someone would hit a winner

The winnings went back in and were soon gone with the wind

Our day was too soon gone and we were soon gone home to dinner