Hole-in-One: Art Krudener Makes His Third Ace

Art Krudener scores an ace at Tuscany Falls East

Howie Tiger

On Sept. 5 Art Krudener made a hole-in-one on hole number 8 of the Tuscany Falls East course while playing with the Wild Bunch golf group. This was Art’s third career hole-in-one.

The 8th hole was playing approximately 140 yards from the white tees under prime conditions for golf. With a front pin placement, Art visualized a baby draw shot starting at the left edge of the sand trap. His shot came off just as he had planned. The ball landed on the green and took a few bounces right into the hole. Two of his playing partners, Mike Cline and Mike Christensen, witnessed the shot as Art yelled, “It went in!” High fives commenced with the two Mikes. His other playing partner, Kyler Kenney, was sitting in his cart at the time, heard the commotion, and saw the high-five action. Kyler asked, “Did it go in?” Art said, “Yes, it did!” More high fives!

Art has been playing golf for 63 years. His first hole-in-one came in 1996 at the Grand National Golf Club (Links Course) in Opelika, Ala. Art hit a one-iron 195 yards into the hole. His second hole-in-one came in 2013 at the Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course in Elberton, Ga. That one was an 8-iron shot of 130 yards.

Art was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Penn. He graduated from Clemson University with a degree in civil engineering. He started his career with Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel Company, the firm that was famous for creating the steel structure for the St. Louis Arch. He worked for several other companies and spent most of his career in the Atlanta area specializing in the water storage tank industry.

Art retired in 2017. Eight days after he officially retired he and his wife, Sharon, moved to PebbleCreek.

Congrats on pulling off the shot just as he visualized!