Gregg Clymer announces candidacy for Board of Directors

Gregg Clymer

Gregg Clymer

Gregg Clymer

I am proud to have served you this past year on the PebbleCreek HOA Board of Directors. PebbleCreek is a fabulous place to live and this opportunity afforded me a chance to engage in the planning, management and vision required to maintain PebbleCreek as a premier active adult community. I would like to continue to serve the community in this capacity and, therefore, I am announcing that I will be running for election to the Board of Directors for the two year term beginning January 2015.

When appointed to fill this position, I didn’t fully perceive the hard work, team effort and everyday decision making and problem solving involved in managing this great community. I applaud the team led by PCHOA President John Kiekbusch and Vice President Nancy Wilson Smith, both homeowners. In addition to the great staff already in place, Jim Brown joined us earlier this year as Director of Community Services and more recently Traci Baker was hired as Director of Community Activities. Bill Barnard has proven to be an extremely valuable General Manager who effectively leads an excellent group of managers who work as a team and who respect and appreciate Bill’s guidance. The HOA also has a very strong financial staff who report to the Board and it is reassuring to know that the community is in a very good fiduciary position.

The HOA committees are the lynchpin to our community’s success. As liaison to the Golf, Unit Rep, and the Armed Forces Plaza Committees, I know how hard they work. I would like to thank all the committee volunteers who give so much of their time for the betterment of PebbleCreek.

Communication is the key to building a positive relationship between the HOA and homeowners. PebbleCreek residents are lucky to have a number of communication venues available to them including the PebbleCreek Post, Channel 22, the HOA website and the Unit Reps who work to pass on the latest pertinent information to all their unit homeowners. In addition, PebbleNews, a weekly compilation of all the news announcements, calendar events and HOA meetings and minutes, was initiated as part of the HOA website this year. This weekly electronic newsletter is automatically emailed to all households with a sign-in to the HOA website. It has proven to be a popular source of information for homeowners.

PebbleCreek is a changing dynamic. One of every three of your fellow homeowners was not here five years ago. Many are eating out at our food and beverage facilities-–and staying later. Golf course play remains strong. The Activities Office and a wide variety of resident clubs and organizations offer homeowners a myriad of opportunities for leisure, athletic and learning opportunities. Clubs like the Pickleball Club just continue to grow larger and stronger! The developer, Robson Communities Inc., will be building many additional amenities over the next 18 months. Home sales, particularly resale’s, are remaining strong.

During my interview for appointment to the Board and in many meetings since, I have stated that the balancing act of keeping PebbleCreek fresh and vibrant versus the cost to homeowners will be our hardest challenge. To that end I would be proud to continue to represent you on the Board of Directors and am announcing that I am running for election. It has been a joy serving the community this year and I thank you for that opportunity.