Genealogy Club News

The Genealogy Club’s mission is to educate and support the members of the PebbleCreek (PC) genealogy community in genealogical research, including computer databases, offline records, and source documentation.

Please join us live in the Palm Room on the second Monday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon. All PC residents interested in genealogy at whatever level are welcome to join us. We have Special Interest Group meetings as well as presentations.


* Mark your Calendar: Jan. 9, Monday, 10 a.m. in the Palm Room (EN), meeting host Larry Johnson. Kathy Koch will present on the Meyers Gazetteer ( For those genealogists interested in records online for the German Empire and other locations in Eastern Europe, this may be very interesting!

* December meeting 2022—What did you miss? DNA genealogist Bonnie Belza helped solve the HATBOX mystery, an old cold case in AZ! Her insight using genetic genealogy was fascinating and helpful in solving our own genetic genealogy puzzles!

* Upcoming on Feb. 13, Jayne Parise will assist us with understanding how to find, interpret, and create citations (sources) to validate our genealogy facts! Please join us at 10 a.m.

The first hour of the meeting is dedicated to new tips and tricks in genealogy! Bring your laptop, tablet, or device to follow the tips that will be presented.

New Announcement

PebbleCreek membership ($25) is now open for January-December 2023. Please fill out an application and join the club! PC Genealogy nametags are available for order to purchase for $5.50 at the meeting. Pick up orders placed at the upcoming meeting. Contact Judy Husk at [email protected] to place your order! Please join us!

Special Interest Groups

Do you have a research question or need assistance in your research? Contact the Special Interest Group (SIG) host who is available to you as a benefit of membership! The following are the SIGs and their Host. Members can contact them via email if you are interested in research assistance or to learn about their meetings.

SIG hosts and topics:

* DNA SIG. Host: Kevin Campbell, [email protected]

* Eastern European SIG, including Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. Host: Kathy Koch, [email protected]

* Colonial America SIG. Host: Marilyn Kinnie, [email protected]

* Genealogy Book Creation SIG. Host: Rick Sothen, [email protected]

* Scotland SIG. Host: Erik Riswick, [email protected]

Want to create a SIG for your special genealogy interest? Contact the leadership team! PC Genealogy Leadership Team members are Judy Husk, Marilyn Kinnie, John and Kathy Koch, Jackie Jenkins, Barb Downey, Jayne Parise, Erick Riswick, Sally Sullivan, and Larry Johnson.

PC Donation Request

We are actively seeking donations to purchase a computer, overhead projector, and microphone. Or if a member has these devices to donate, we will gladly appreciate the donation.

LLL Genealogy Classes

Register now for genealogy classes offered by LifeLong Learning (LLL) in PebbleCreek. See to register.

Jan. 13 Database Research, 1 to 2 p.m., $20, 24 max capacity

Jan. 19, DNA—So you have taken a test, now what?